Business IT Services and Support

We offer proved cost-effective IT solutions support to Small and Medium Businesses SMB. When your company is not too big to have your own IT department with IT staff, we can help to reduce an IT costs. When your company has a small amount of IT equipment, you don`t need to have a system administrator on fulltime shift. It is enough to have or part time IT or IT support company. The truth is, that IT support company even cheaper then part time IT staff. Also it`s much effective to use proven solution oriented approach rather one time resolution. As a support company we have licensed software that help us support SMBs and reduce customers maintenance software expenses.

Every our customer protected with local and cloud backup solutions. Cloud backup solution helps restore workstations to working state and get data restored and to be accessed any time. As a part of the maintenance contract agreement we providing 24×7 phone helpdesk support and relatively quick onsite support. We servicing bubble(jet), laser, matrix and thermo (barcode, label, POS) printers, network equipment, mobile devices. Performing software auditing help our customers to avoid of using illegal software copies and not to face any unlikely billing or charges. Yearly hardware auditing helps prevent hardware faults keeping hardware operating at all time rather then fixing broken hardware with disruption in staff work. We providing hosting and low cost web page development (handy for start-ups and small companies).

We offer different types of maintenance contracts to suit your requirements and your budget. We understands that what you, as the client, want is peace of mind. You want rely on your IT system to provide safe, secure and constant IT equipment uptime for your staff and your business. So it makes sense that your IT system is kept in optimum condition, with 24 hour emergency cover that you can always count on. Regular servicing will also ensure the maximum hardware life and result in 99% up time. You will also save money by avoiding non-contracted hourly rates.